Festival Maintenant, Louvain-la-Neuve, 21-29/09

Hi @reeflings
I came across this festival about “transition” (not sure if that’s what you call it in English):

It looks like there is a lot of inspiring things (not necessarily directly reef-related but relevant anyway).
If you see something that catches your eye maybe share it here and we can see who would like to come along?


Maybe the session on Gouvernance Partagée on 23/09?

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@Lee , great, that sounds nice!!
Can’t believe how quick you spotted that! :joy: :sweat_smile:
Shall we maybe :heart: the proposed events we are interest in and create a grouped message about going together? Would that work?

I spotted the event on gouvernance partagée on the website of Habitat & Participation, so in a way I trust that this is the only relevant one.

I am not sure I can make it then, but you should totally go if you can be bothered.

One other event that I will go to is one financing of cohousings, on 13/10 in Namur. If there would be another masochist who would be willing to come along I’d be very happy, but otherwise I’ll go alone.

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