Festival updates and division of labor

Hello all,

Before we go off or lose people for holidays (sic!) here is the progress we made during the past weeks with the festival organisation. Feedback welcome on all fronts!

  • With our smashing curators we put together a preliminary festival program. Work in progress and open to new activities. If anyone wants changes or re-scheduling please comment there!

  • We set up a brand new site for public communication at http://festival.edgeryders.eu. It needs more work and collecting info from participants, but feel free to use it to invite your networks.

  • We are looking for a venue and food partners, and hopefully will have decided by the end of this week. Yay!

Our next 4 weeks are focused on the following:

Welcoming new people and care projects. @All: remember #nospectators - everyone is asked to introduce themselves here online, and offer a contribution.
Not to forget: ping new networks in and out of Europe & MENA region (@Nadia), Milano design students (@Silvia), groups with experience in living and working together (@woodbinehealth ), and discovering edgeryders we have not met yet :slight_smile:
@Nadia & @Noemi: will be preparing outline of Day 3 of the festival that is focused on co-design and roadmap to the actual OpenVillage houses
@Owen will be preparing a twitter conference as a collective storytelling effort of the openvillage vision! Tentatively scheduled for mid September.

Program hardening Winnie and Gehan are finalizing panel sessions and will be briefing all session leaders

Program [URBAN GAME] @matteo_uguzzoni is designing the game for up to 50 participants in Day 1, and will need help from curators. Brainstorming here.

Harvesting: care of @Gehan - proposal up soon.

Communication with Participants: @natalia_skoczylas is sending regular festival updates and calls for help! to 54 people and counting (suspecting not all will show up).

Travel support: Anna aka @iriedawta will be in touch with everyone who was invited or has been offered travel grants.

Accommodation: with Anna we are pre-booking shared hotel rooms/ airbnb…will be in touch!

Pending: call for participants who volunteer to care for the festival onsite: logistics, check in, floor management etc.

I would like to ask you to please help me lower coordination costs and from now on keep all organisation comms on the festival space at: https://edgeryders.eu/c/festival

Thanks to everyone who is coming and generously shares ideas and skills…
Let’s keep working and stay healthy. Looking forward to October <3