Field methods paper: reviewers comments to second version


@amelia when is our deadline?


We weren’t given one. I can ask him for one.


Well, if we are close to finishing we can ignore that and just submit. Are we? also @melancon?


Been dealing with a very messy and scary stalking/harassment issue for the past week (will fill you in next time we speak in person/real time) so am running a bit behind on my end. But I have blocked out all of tomorrow to finish, so I’ll be ready to submit by then if everyone else is.


So sorry… :rage:


After exchanging a bit about it with Guy, we could also propose something like this:

The LinLog layout can help distinguishing some type of communities while the nodes’ colors represent the communities computed according to Louvain. The size of the nodes indicates the degree.
And as expected, it’s impossible to follow what is happening with the edges in the middle!

The resolution needs to be a bit high to distinguish the labels but it does not help with legibility if we need to insert it into the pdf.
Also, note that the layout have been distorted to avoid overlapping and allow label readability.


Thanks @jason_vallet
Following @alberto I believe the map, the static image of it, is not fit to be inserted in the paper.
I am quite amazed by the work you did to turn it into something as readable as possible (arap).


@amelia and I submitted the third rewrite and the second letter to the reviewers yesterday.

Now we wait. @melancon @jason_vallet


Thanks guys
How did you deal Wwith the word count in the end?



We submitted as it is. They will get back to us if they need a cut.


Apologies @amelia, I checked in after a while… am I still in time to take action?