Field methods paper: reviewers comments to second version

I am not sure to understand where those online images are uploaded. The editor’s website? or any website we may choose?

In the latter case, we could even include more than those 5 figures we now have.

It must be the editor’s.

@amelia, here is the thing. Our Overleaf prints on A4 with large margins: is that accurate in terms of the journal’s page size? I tried printing, then looked at the height of figures: Figure 3 is about 3.2 inches, Figure 4 is about 3 inches. If that’s accurate, we would need to cut at least 600 words.

And another thing: where can we see a word count?

Found the word count: File => Word count. We stand at 4,335. ??? I wonder what that even means…

I had to use a different word count function. Editor says we are at about 6100 words sans tables and figures. The two online ones I used (PDF word counters) find the same.

Heads up @melancon @markomanka. @amelia and I prepared another version that should be now within specs. Hard to say, since word counters disagree and the editors would not tell us what software they use. Anyway, what we did is move three pictures to the online-only additional materials, as suggested by Guy. We also moved Marco’s “coding as compression” idea into the future work, as currently that’s a fascinating idea, but not yet a hard result.

I really hope this is done now. :smile:

@amelia, over to you for submission.

Thanks @alberto for taking the lead on this. I am surprised the editor wouldn’t tell us how they compute the word count … it’s a silly cat and mouse game that’s consuming everyone’s precious time …