Field Notes: Open Data Talk, URA

Discover: The Rich Statistical Resources of the SingStat Website and Mobile App

Chew Ying Lin, Statistical Information Services, DOS
- Very good, very knowledgeable

Stat resources available for public access

Portal for all the official statistics in Singapore

Mobile responsive

Q: When does data become big?

Visualizing data
- Pretty info graphics
- But also used to teach users statistics! This is interesting

Can send in data request forms to statistical information services

Latest data page presents data from the latest 2 periods

Sing Stat Table Builder

Free access from 60 public sector agencies

Build and customize tables, export charts

17k series, 170 topics

Very useful

You can save, and the data will update

When handing out prizes, had lots of participation!

As opposed to what C said about crowd participation (e.g. At the play)

But… This was in a test format

SingStat Mobile App

Useful app, lets you select indicators across

Big data is fine if you are only interested in predicting patterns, but not sufficient if you want to understand the underlying causes
- And sometimes it doesn’t predict patterns (e.g. Drone strike in Yemen)

What we learn (perhaps take Doris as an example)
What we don’t (does Doris like being monitored by a computer and not by people?)

Planned release dates



Can you do what the app does on the computer?

Data projections?

Data if we want to just look at one area or estate? *****
- Released as part of publication
- Under general household survey 2015
- Home — statistics----by theme----
○ You can see zones and sub zones
- Visual form
○ Population query
○ OneMap *************
○ Plots data you see on the map
○ Can look by planning area or sub zone
○ Can overlap the services

Demographic of talk : large age range. Pretty equal gender balance, slightly male shifted. Quite a few older men and women (above 55)

Exposing data via API on
- Not yet, but we do share our datasets on
- We share as much as possible does not give much information about their methodology. You have to search.
Describing what data is, but does not contain specific methodologies

You mention that we can write in to inquire— is it a free service?
- Point to data already available in public domain, no charge
- If it is too specific of a requirement, we inform you and there may be a charge
- We have other services, like sampling services **** for household services
○ Quite expensive though!!!

Happy to help! (There is a phone number as well)