Field Notes: Smart Home App Test

Based on URA zoning — URA planning area boundary Master plan 2014. 55 zones.

Everything green – create a false impression that everything is ok?

Better if we create a heatmap?

Too colourful, cannoot make sense of it

What will make sense is only the data, but it’s just how we choose to show it on the map

Exceeds the national average?

Once it exceeds a certain percentage of high risk

What is high risk? After a certain number of days not gone out

Average of this community is above 1, above yellow. 1.3, be red

If exceeds average for the zone, green. If average, yellow. If less, green.

With recommended figure later, show that figure

Spatialisation of data

Can put in any number, then we can get that data

Ask you-- where the number come from? As long as you can answer that question, t’s ok

Main thing is, they ask you can explain. From database, the cloud, I dream of it

Silver generation still has to go back to CNS.

What’s the current workflow? DO you want a befriender-- yes? Pass to VWO. Either SGO or CNS pass to VWO

Our workflow is dependent on who links to the VWO. We need to link a user to a VWO in our system in some point in time

Same graph different data

What to put in reports?

Assisted living platform

Why must it look similar? Scared that people would say 'why will this change"? Train them to current ALP