Fill in the missing rydes

Hey Edgeryders peeps,

We are trying to build a nurturing space where people can interact with, and be inspired by, one another. Here’s a chance to throw in your fifty cents with an idea for someone who needs it. Similarly, if you’re an Edgeryder and you’re stuck in getting from A to B and realise your initiative, then write me an email at and the community will campaign for it!

Jorge wants to build a school… Every1Tutor! It’s not just any kind of school. Well, imagine the Google of the schools… an Internet place where you start searching, the system finds what you need and also helps you learn in a personalized way… and all that for free! Sure you did not hear about Every1Tutor?

Jorge’s obstacles are finding fabulous people to :

(1) design the web interface

(2) help grow a community

(3) help establish partnerships & sponsorship

(4) plus, he needs about €10.000 in order to generate the first content…

Question: How can he do it? help Jorge!