Final assignments for the Edgeryders team

Hello all, as we wrap up OpenCare here is what I propose we all do.

  1. @amelia. Finish the coding; write an ethno report; collaborate in the “Digital ethnography” paper, journal version.

  2. @ezio_manzini: lead the “From talk to action” paper.

  3. @noemi: co-lead the “From talk to action” paper; convert the 2016 deliverable about community management into the Playbook format; wrap up the admin of the Festival; close the gap on the ethical funnel consent.

  4. @nadia: convert the 2016 deliverable about engagement into the Playbook format.

  5. myself: collaborate in the “Digital ethnography” paper; edit a GraphRyder video; take the lead on admin and reporting from the Edgeryders side.

Everyone OK with that?


Deadline is end 2017 for all activities, except the “nested” ones: Amelia needs to finish the coding before she can write the report, etc.

Actually, correction. It turns out we have a deliverable called “2.4 Final report on engaging open networks in meaningful online conversations”, due October 2017. This is the last formal deliverable for Edgeryders. So, I am asking you do to the following:

  1. Re-familiarise yourself with last year’s deliverable. This already included the lessons learned with the onboarding workshops and the Open&Change experience.

  2. Add a section on the fellowships + festival experience. Both were very effective at driving engagement, from where I stand.

  3. I will provide you with fresh numbers for year 2.

The deliverable should be turned in as soon as possible (deadline: October 2017). Refer to the style guide for graphics material, or re-use some template used for earlier deliverables.

Once that is done, we will then port this new version of the engagement deliverable, and not last year’s onto the Playbook.

Ok for me, festival wrapup in progress, ethical stuff starting this week,
paper will be ongoing for the whole of November.