Final consortium call

We are finished! Before we move on, and while we still have the process fresh in mind, I would like to have a final consortium call to debrief. Not this week, though, we need rest. What about Thursday, April 23rd at 10.00?

To attend the call, click here (needs Google Hangout plugin).

Date: 2015-04-23 08:00:00 - 2015-04-23 09:00:00, Europe/Brussels Time.

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Next Thursday looks good, I look forward to it!


Hi everyone, just to gently remind you that tomorrow morning we have the final call,

hope to see you there.

I haven’t seen any link so far so I will tune in on google hangouts. I guess Alberto will invite us all.

Is there a link…

Will the call happen on Hangout? Is there a link to join?


This is it.