Final months of Treasure: RR, planning and organisation

@Nica, THU would be great for me, and I would prefer early evening, 7 PM CET. Would that be possible for you?

@siri that would be great!

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@siri unfortunately I won’t be able to do Thursday 7 pm CET after all, as I have a conflict with a meeting at the university. Would you by any chance be available earlier in the day on Thursday, like 3 pm CET?

Alternately, might you be available earlier on Friday, before our team meeting?

@siri also, if you have the bandwidth, I wanted to see if you can also do a few of the EN GTF transcripts this week. No worries if not.

@Nica, unfortunately not, I still need to finish the batch for IARC.

hi @Nica, unfortunately, 3 pm CET on THU is not feasible for me - I would be available on Friday before the team meeting; when would it be best for you then?

Hi @siri I have not been able to ascertain the Friday morning schedule, so I moved some things around, and I can make our original planned meeting time of 7 pm CET tomorrow (Thursday). Hopefully that is still ok for you. See you then!

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Hi @Nica, sure, today, THU, at 7 PM CET, works for me - would you mind sending me a Zoom link, or could I take the Friday meeting?

@siri today will be fine — I will send the link shortly before the meeting. I am at a doctor appointment now and will be back home shortly before then.

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Hello, we have an urgent request for you because some of the numbers between Open Ethnographer and Graphryder do not add up.

We should have at least 250 different participants in the map, but Graphryder’s user list only shows 144.

Could you please take a look into this and see if there are missing links or if Graphryder is not representing everything under ethno-treasure for some reason?

It is pretty urgent because we should start beginning the final phase.

I will analyze this weekend and let you know :wink:

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Thank you @pykoe – as @ivan says, it’s quite urgent, as we have almost everything coded, so you should be able to start visualizing already!

Re codes: we discovered that TechBlik interviews were not uploaded on the platform, and thus were not coded yet. They should be uploaded in the next couple of days. They will be mostly in German. @siri will you be able to code those quickly?

Other than that, everything that will need to be visualized is already coded, and @pykoe you can start. So we are coding just sustainability events. Looking forward to initial visualizations!

@Nica, yes I can code the remaining interviews in German!

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hi @Nica, would you let me know once the TechBlik batch is on the platform so I can start ASAP? Thanks!

Hello @ivan @Nica and @siri
I’ve added a separate topic to catch the problem :slight_smile:

@siri yes of course. Who is adding those to the platform? Is that @owen ? When they are up, can @siri please be tagged so she knows ASAP? Thanks!

They’ll be up by the end of this week @siri

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hi @owen, that is great, many thanks!

Meeting notes 22/03/24

Present in the meeting Sirin, Veronica, Pierre-Yves and Bojan

We discussed following things:
Spring School with Moveo

  • @Nica will prepare slides for the presentation and share it with Bojan
  • No new prompts so far, @bojanbobic contacted Laurent regarding this

AMA Session Jean-Denis Curt

  • Bojan presented progress and latest developments. The video is online, Inge wrote an article about it, all the participants are invited to check the video and come to the platfrom
  • Bojan will make a thread with useful quotes from the lecture

CEN Workshop

  • final workshop will be on 8th of April
  • maybe additional things will need to be added. Bojan will inform everyone about it


  • Kyle’s story is published and pushed on the social media
  • Ebele’s story will be published and pushed on Monday. Illustrations are done and on the story


  • all the coding is done
  • Pierre-Yves can start visualize the rest
  • Siring, Veronica and Pierre-Yves are meeting next week on Tuesday to discuss coding and visualisations

In addition to the summary, we completed the T8.2 KER final version and sent it to UnivAQ.

Files here.