Final months of Treasure: RR, planning and organisation

Treasure project is entering its final months. Following the General Assembly in Lugano, we can summarise the ongoing activities, take an overview of the tasks, roles and responsibilities to conclude it.

The collection of ethnographic data from in-person events (the event ethnography line of research) has been concluded and all the interviews are now on the platform.
The sum of the participants to these events is 297 (kudos to @jos for the well done job!).
At the moment of writing, Graphryder is counting 144 participants, meaning that there is still 153 contributions that need coding.

  • @Nica and @siri, can you make an estimate of how much time you need to do this?

The last phase of the outreach and engagement campaign on the platform is ongoing with the double effort of the open call for short stories and the direct engagement of the community.
@bojanbobic is collecting the stories that have to be evaluated (could you post an update on this and in general below, please?)

  • we promised to illustrate the best stories (@inge - let’s meet to discuss this)

Paris Spring School organised by Moveo (see here for details) is a good opportunity for an SSNA exercise.
I will connect to Laurent to coordinate on this.
@owen defines the best engagement format by next week, @Nica leads on the framing, @bojanbobic will manage the communication, @siri - thank you for the point on the community management (feel free to jump in where you feel you can direct the conversation to benefit the research!)

Graphryder has been linked to the Treasure toolbox, and we have to provide the documentation for it by the end of January.

@Nica, @pykoe and I have been working on this. We will send the introductory part to the Consortium for feedback.
Graphryder users guide is here and it would be great if @matthias, @alberto and @hugi in particular could take a look and comment/correct it. Is there anything missing?

The exploitation route has to be finetuned to the actual reality of the project. We have been asked to adjust the version 2 of the Exploitation route 11 providing a practical path to an ethnographic consultancy service within the Treasure Toolbox. @nadia and I are working on this, for the moment we are waiting for University of L’Aquila to send us the structure of the document.
Deadline for corrections of the Section 1 by 12 February, Section 2 by 28.

POLIMI has asked us to participate in the Circular Business Models definition - looking for volunteers for this.

@bojanbobic is following the CWA workshops on standardisation. We will contribute by working on the introductory part of the document and on the Chapter 4 - Visual Treasure.

The hard deadline for the delivery of the final ethnographic report is 1 May, meaning that:

  • we have to close the ethnographic corpus by 1 March
  • allow @pykoe to produce the graphs by 15 March
  • have the document ready by 15 April in order to ensure at least one revision
    We will see if we can include the data from the Spring School engagement into it (nice, but not vital)

There might be a visualisation issue with the new http and https rules. Needless to say that we have to solve this in general, not only for Treasure.

@marina is already taking care of some admin details, please follow her lead on that.


@ivan @Nica, I have 24 remaining interviews from the congress Stuttgart to code - the deadline for them will be by the end of February - if I am faster, I will keep you updated and be happy to assist with other coding material.


Stories - We have so far 3 applicants. And possibly some more - 3-4 people told me they are interested in writing a story. I am regularly communicate with them and will inform you about it.
I posted all the incoming drafts or stories here.
The outreach campaign for the open call is continuing via LinkedIN by promotion and engagement in the writers groups.

Community engagement - reached out and talked to 100+ people interested in the project. Shared the project with them and explained the value their contribution would make. So far, some registered to the platform but didn’t participate in any discussions. Continuously working on engaging people and motivating them to participate in the discussions.

Looking forward to it! :slight_smile:

Hi everyone, I clicked on the links, and the page opened saying that “this page is private or doesn’t exist.” - maybe it is just me, and I don’t have access, but I wanted to let you know.

Hi everyone,
Apparently, the meeting was rescheduled today - I didn’t get any notification.
Update on my work: My work with coding is going fine, I move forward as estimated and well with my remaining Stuttgart batch.

Regarding the engagement prompt interface I dug up this form we used a while back that can post and create an account for the user on a Discourse forum:

This would be a good starting point, so I’ll aim to get something functional based on this by next week.

@Nica do you foresee users answering several question prompts, if so how many (I think we said 2 or 3 - but can you confirm) and what will these be? And from my understanding these should be randomly selected on page load, answering the prompts will then direct the users to other users’ responses on the forum.

Let me know if there are any other points I should know about.

cc @Ivan @bojanbobic

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Side note - as discussed in the call today in the context of the Graphryder documentation (Edgeryders | Treasure) I will be looking into PDF formatting for pages, notably to make it possible for images to be included with plain text and easily downloadable.

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Dear all,
Today, I won’t be participating in the meeting. I have ten interviews to code left; I assume I will be finished in 1.5 weeks.

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It would be great if you (and @owen , @pykoe, @daniel, @matthias, @nadia, @marina) would comment on the stories here

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I’m not sure if meeting is happening but short tech update on my end:

  • PDF downloads are working on pages, to use it just go to the sidebar and click ‘Download PDF’ on any post

  • PDFs do not support animated GIFs, but as this code generates a PDF file from scratch with the text of the article, it can convert remote urls of GIFs to JPEGs so they at least display in the file.

  • I am still working on the prompt interface for the form and still need to debug the metadata issue for @alberto, these are high priority and I will update again today or tomorrow at the latest



I am going to miss the first part of our call today because I am in another one, and will join as soon as possible.

I propose an agenda though:

  • (@bojanbobic) start pushing Caroline’s and Vukasin’s text with the community:
    • post them on Linkedin and Twitter
    • draw attention from the ER community to them
  • finalise the AMA Eventbrite and start promoting it
  • polish the Prompts page (great work @owen!) and schedule a call with Moveo (I will do that once the page is good to go)
    • btw, the NEW DATE of the event is from 24th to 26th of April 2024
  • if @marina joins and if it is necessary, go through regular admin
  • post an update on coding (@Nica, @siri) with an estimate of needed time
  • update from @pykoe on the graphs and visual elaboration that you started
  • update on the selected stories (@inge, can you illustrate them and how much time you need eventually?)

I won’t be able too make it today, but I am working on the following:

Also waiting for final theme of AMA event, started working on text already.


My deadline is a bit delayed due to illness this week. I will be finished with all codings latest next WED (February, 21st).

Team meeting notes 16/02/24
Present @nica, @marina, @pykoe, @ivan and me

We discussed following topics:

Spring School preparation

  • @nica prepared the prompts
  • prompts were tested and are working well. Issue with the post on the platform needs to be fixed. @owen is working on that
  • we decided to make an introductory Yes/No prompts for warming up
  • some tweaking needs to be done - mobile phone version doesn’t display prompt screen part @owen

Stories & Articles

  • Kyle accepted the suggestions and is working to come up final edits
  • Discussed the story of Ebele
  • Discussed the draft of Laurentiu



  • Marina briefly gave feedback on admin status

AMA Event

  • agreed on the topic of the event
  • discussed and agreed on the tell from questions
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hello all, @ivan and @Nica, I have finished the codings. Let me know if I could assist in more/other tasks.


That is great to hear @siri – would you be able to help out with IARC transcripts 20-31 located here

I would also like you to make a list of key insights that have emerged for you in coding this latest batch of transcripts (we did something similar with the first car events). 5-10 core insights would be ideal, with some quotes illustrating them (translated from German, please, but with the original German included).

thank you!

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Hi @Nica, I can do both, the coding and the insight list with quotes.

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Wonderful! Also @siri can you and I meet Wednesday or Thursday to go over codes together and see if some need to be reconciled? I hope that by next Friday we can deliver all the codes from interviews to @pykoe to start visualizing.

@Nica, THU would be great for me, and I would prefer early evening, 7 PM CET. Would that be possible for you?

@siri that would be great!

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