Final preparations for #31c3. Can you help?

During #31c3 (Hamburg December 27th to 30th, 2014) Edgeryders are running a food//drinks centred space to host conversations about mapping what people are doing, which parts of the puzzle of well being they are contributing to, what kinds of infrastructures are missing for us to support each others projects, and live great lives …p2p

Like the idea abd want to help? It would be great if you can take on one or more of these tasks before december 25th:

  1. Update the Foodhacking base wiki with information about our activities (#unBroken, #unCookd etc):

-Edgeryders workshops at #31c3:

-Foodhacking base wiki:,_Tools_and_Ingredients#Ingredients_wish_list

  1. Create an editable list of ingredients to be contributed by participants. The list is where participants at #31c3 can contribute one or more ingredients that they will bring with them to the event for our weMixology workshop. So it should be online somewhere and easy for anyone to edit.

  2. Design a big poster (a1) to help stimulate conversation that helps us map how our individual projects are contributing to improving well being in our communities and how we could collaborate to better achieve big goals. For inspiration see: