Finalising Engagement Manager/Online Community Builder recruitment for Armenia, Egypt and Georgia

Hi all,

we’ve had this call for paid community builders up and it’s open till 23/3 because the UNDP office in Egypt wanted to keep the call open to allow others to apply. But we have to move forward in order not to jeopardise our delivery schedule. We’ve already decided on Inge and Nino for Georgia, and I think that Noemi, Alberto and I agree Vahagn is the best fit for Armenia. Egypt is still tricky, it’s mainly social media people that are not really embedded in the hacktivist/tech scene. We know it’s difficult to engage people if you are not already a trusted part of that community and we don’t have enough time to wait for people to build cred. The best fit so far is Jasmine.

NB: Egypt has delayed our process by over a week because they want to keep the call open for more people to apply, and Georgia has delayed us by over two weeks because they haven’t sent us the final country report yet. Also they moved the tour stop dates forward. It’s not a problem but we need to remember to keep track of this for negotiation purposes later.