Finalize mission arrangements

We have come to realize that UNDP COs may not be fully informed on the nature of the FutureMakers initiative. So, they would benefit from receiving recap emails. This has already been done for Egypt and Morocco, but the other four countries are missing. The country’s engagement manager should of course be cced (d’oh).

A sample of the email text follows:

=========SAMPLE EMAIL STARTS HERE=========

Dear all,

please find some details about what exactly we will be doing during the mission.

The purpose of the mission

Missions on FutureMakers have two goals.

  1. Connecting with the institutional space around youth in each country. This is in part informational: finding out what is out there in terms of policy, flagship projects and other interesting activities in the areas where young people interacts employment, social inclusion and data. In part it is political: signalling that the new inter-agency, inter-regional programme will not go over the heads on the people in each country, but  will want to work with them.
  2. Connecting with grassroots activities "from the edge". This is thought to have an impact on resource mobilization: some donors are more likely to fund the programme if it involves "unusual suspects". Most of the work here is done online, but we try to create one point of physical contact where UNDP and UNV mingle with grassroots initiatives. We have found this to be highly motivating for the grassroots people. This is why the call to "bring your own projects": by giving people visibility to their initiatives, we hope to encourage them to connect with us. 

Taken together, these two goals form a sort of comprehensive view of what’s going on in the spaces of employment, social cohesion and data in each of the six countries. So, each mission has two parts. The institutional meetings strive towards goal 1. The in-country workshop serves goal 2.

I have asked Millie for the authorization to send you my inception report, where all this is outlined. And the methodology is explained in greater detail.

The calendar of the mission

The calendar of the mission is as follows:

[example: Morocco] 8 Jun: fly into Casablanca (landing at 20.00)

9, 10, 11 morning Jun: meetings

11 afternoon: small community event?

12 Jun: fly out from Casablanca (13.00).

The institutional agenda

I trust the CO on this. The notes we took during the call mention the [list of entities and orgs mentioned during the call]

The community meeting

[making decisions on when and where to hold the community meetings. Agree this with the engagement manager!]

Futuremakers Morocco

Hi Alberto,

I do think Casablanca is better for the community event as most of the innovative projects are based there. The ideal location would be the lovely terrace of New Work Lab. I already asked Fatim Zahra if it is possible. Let's see the availability for the 9th of June and plan accordingly.
Eric from Moroccan Center for Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship  is available for the meeting in Casablanca on June 9. 
Will keep you posted.


Partially done

Email sent to UNDP Belarus and Ukraine.

Now waiting for Khatuna in Georgia to agree on switching dates with Armenia, and will then follow up.

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Marked done.