Finance meeting

Hi team @reef-finance!

I’d like to organise our next team meeting, please find a doodle link with different options for the next two weeks.

Off the top of my head, I already have a couple of agenda items in mind:

Please add on to the agenda items.

Look forward to catching up soon,
Take care,

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Great! Thanks @VickyVanEyck !
I would also add a quite update on the confesseurs process /meetings (11& 17 Dec).

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Hi there!
Just flagging this post for @RichardB who would probably be interested in joining you :slight_smile:

Hi @finance team,
does anyone know how to add @RichardB in the finance group tab? If not, will ask manuel

@reef-finance just a reminder to fill in the doodle. Wednesday evenings looks like the best time for now, I’ll send out an invite at the latest tomorrow. I have also updated the agenda in my first post.

I’d add this

It looks like most people can do this Wednesday at 6pm, @Celine_D are you sure you can’t join at 6pm? I have added your point to the agenda.

@reef-finance final call to have your say on the timing of the team meeting!

Hi Vicky, is the meeting tomorrow taking place at 6 or 7PM? Could you please share the link to join the meeting?

I had to decline, sorry @VickyVanEyck and all. I am on a quite intense business trip in a different time zone; your 6.00 pm is my noon, and I just cannot make that time.

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@reef-finance Apologies, its been two hectic days at work. The meeting is tonight at 7pm, I’ll put it in the nextcloud schedule with the link!

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Actually, I see that someone has already put it in the agenda with a zoom link. Thanks to whoever did it :slight_smile:

Hi @reef-finance ,
Alberto is busy next week and won’t be available. Would it work for you to go over Alberto’s document discussed this Tuesday, have questions-clarifications round & approve it during our next meeting? Should we go for next Tuesday or Wednesday as next meeting date? It shouldn’t take more than 30min. I can do almost all days except Friday (office party).

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Tuesday evening is fine with me. Or Friday, or Thursday during daytime.

Especially for the newer members : here is the convention I referred to at our previous meeting. It was first drafted by Team Finance members, and approved by the plenary on 9/15 (with importance level 4). It would now have to be changed to reflect that part of the money would be a loan.

As I told you at the meeting, I would have liked to hear Alberto’s input about this sentence in the proposal : “Once the plenary meeting has given the green light to go scouting for a site, all loans are converted to non-refundable contributions to The Reef’s operating fund.”

This sentence means that once we decide to go scout for a site - i.e. when we consider that The Reef is a viable project and we are confident we can make it work - that we go back to the current system, in which the 2000 euro is a non-refundable contribution to The Reef’s bank account.

The proposal of splitting up the 2000 euro into a 500 euro donation + a loan of 1500 euro, is a security mechanism. Should it happen that the economic conditions worsen even further and we consider that it’s not a good time to build a cohousing, then the 500 euro stays in the bank account (as per asbl legal requirements), but The Reef neatly pays back all of the 1500 euro loans it received, so that Full Members lose less money. So the trick is to convert part of the 2000 euro into a loan, so that it is legally possible to pay it back.

The reasoning behind the 500 + 1500 is that this still requires a significant financial token of commitment (wire transfer of 2000 euro), but it’s a bit safer because one can recover 1500 euro should The Reef fail. At the same time it is aligned with our budgetary requirements: we sort of need the 500 euro per household to pay for our current costs (if we apply the current system we are in a deficit), and we’ll need the 1500 euro to pay the architects once we start scouting (for the feasibility studies).


ok, let’s go for Tuesday evening, even if it’s not ideal for me, but important it takes place. Should we say 7pm? I will create a zoom link and put it on our common calendar.

I have an online meeting on Tuesday until 7.30 so can only join then.

Fine to start at 7:30 if ok for others.


7.30 is also better for me, thanks for organising @ugne !

In the meantime, my meeting has been cancelled so I could also start earlier tomorrow. :sweat_smile:

Sorry, I won’t be able to join tomorrow evening.

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