Financial Hygiene for Project Team Leaders

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Hey all! A few notes on necessary good practice as we are approaching the audit.

  1. Check monthly timesheets of your team before signing. Marina has found multiple instances of activity descriptions that do not correspond to the project being billed for or to tasks in that WP. Please read through the timesheet and make sure that all descriptions match the project and WP being billed for.

  2. Check that the hours billed corresponds to the bill amount before approving bills. If someone attaches a timesheet that has 72 hours on it, make sure that the amount billed corresponds to 72 * 41.86 (or whatever the hourly rate of the project ends up being).

  3. Make sure your team are billing the correct hours for the year. At the end of the year, everyone must have billed the number of hours stated in their contract (if the contract is a Euro amount, they need to bill hours equivalent to that amount divided by 41.86). An easy way to do this is to check how many hours your team member has left to bill in the last quarter once they submit their penultimate bill ā€“ and let them know how many hours they have left to bill that quarter, so they are aware. Repeat for the last month.

  4. Contracts. Make sure that contracts for new hires follow the Edgeryders contract template. As team leaders, we need to be reviewing these carefully and thoroughly (with Marina) before sending them out to anyone.

Please add anything else you have noticed that we need to be rigorous about! Thanks all.