Find Inspiration and Power

For me personally is Challenge 1 “People in move” very special because I was a people in move, I´m a foreign in Germany and I had to adapt my life here. At the beginning was not very easy and it was actually a adventure for me in my way to try to take a place in this society. The other is the Challenge 3 because when I try to find solutions like a designer and discover new skills in this way I think about Why I do this? What is the reason for all that I do? In the such for the answer I can find the most part of my motivation to work and these point is very important for me. Believe in what I do it means to me inspiration and power.

What do you currently do?

Hi @Cindy, how is Berlin treating you, did you find inspiration in ways in which the community welcomed you? Back in the days Berlin used to be one of the most interesting, rich-in-diversity spaces to be in. Actually even now Edgeryders has a strong community base there, if you’re interested to meet up let me know. I bet you met Susa and Nadia already, so that should give you a hint.

I look forward to visiting again, art festivals there are a favourite of mine.