Finding a friendly lawyer

Hi there @reeflings !

As you probably already know, we have a bit of an issue with a neigbourgh of JET-14 who has lodged an appeal at the Conseil d’Etat against the commune of Jette for awarding the previous permit.

We need to get more clarity on what the risks are with this, but can’t really afford to pay our lawyer to give us feedback on it.
So we would like everybody to see if they have in their networks a lawyer knowledgeable enough on cases at the conseil d’Etat and/or in general appeals against construction projects and how to deal with them.

We will work on a list of specific questions to ask them. But in the meantime, let us know if you know somebody who could help!

Note: don’t share any names or contacts on this thread (unless we move it to sensitive content?), just flag that you know somebody


Hi @MariaAM,

Thanks a lot for offering to take this up!

I am posting the document with the questions here. I would recommend to focus only on the questions related to the Conseil d’Etat, and drop all the creative solutions type questions lower down in the document.

The next milestones are the meeting with the authorities on 10/04 and then the Full Members meeting on 18/04. Do you think it would be possible to take care of this before the meeting on the 10th, so that we can go in with a better understanding of all these procedural complications?

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I will deal with this early next week (Monday). I will send the email (previous double check with TB). I can’t remember how long it takes for the service to respond, but I will keep TB informed.