First Article From Egypt Submitted. Well Actually four. Help with the editing and sharpening please

There are some cool stories in there just waiting to be made magic! @Daniel Vaarik

any idea how these came in? @mattias I forgot if I asked you already – where are essays submitted through the webform going to? the creator of the webform?

@saidhamideh, as I answered you on Twitter already :wink:, webform submissions go to admin/content/webform. But since we don’t want webforms for STF anywhere please, please do not pursuse webforms as a STF submission mode any more. It should be posts to groups.

No they came in through the spot the future group. not forms

I need to learn how this is

I need to learn how to create submissionas posts to groups. Le sigh. @mattias. my attempt to mention you. isn’t. working

it’s easy peasy now people can claim post and then claim

You go to projects, create projects and then just copy paste your instructions/whatever you had on the 1 page submission forms there. Just use this link

Look at the suggestions.

You are missing out an “h” in my name. Just type @matt and see what appears as auto-suggest below the editor area. Then click my name. See? Works :slight_smile: