First batch of Horizon 2020 proposals in!

Good news. The first three Horizon 2020 proposals of the Edgeryders Research Network are in, as of today. They are all applications to the Rural Renaissance call; we are trying to build a space in European-funded research for all of you permaculturists, eco-villagers, urban farmers, fairdirect coffee hackers and everyone trying to reinvent food production and transformation with open knowledge, technology and community. Let’s see if we have any luck.

Please, everyone, let’s have a round of applause for @anique.yael, who is really hitting her stride as Research Coordinator. She has the leadership on intelligence, tactics and operations, and well does she deserve it. Well done, Anique, you are a warrior.


Touched @alberto, thank you so. Edgeryders is worth it, that’s for sure.


Yaay. Great great work you two. Anique, so rooting for you and the long haul <3

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Yaaay! Crossing fingers & congrats to @anique.yael & all contributors.

By when will you have a reply? Are the proposals available anywhere in the platform?


Thanks Irene! @alberto is of course underplaying his own superstar hand in it all :wink:

These applications are the first of around six we hope to be submitting to H2020 this year. For the Rural Renaissance ones they’re actually two stage, so we’ll find out in May if we move to the second stage. For the rest we should hear in the summer I believe. And alas due to privacy I’m pretty certain we’re unable to share the applications publically but you’re welcome to check out our strategic mapping here in the workspace to get an idea of how things are evolving.

Thanks again for the support.


I’ll take my laurels when the time comes, don’t doubt it! But these are yours. :trophy:

Yes, @ireinga, this is important: we are not leading here. No way we can beat partners into submission on the IPR issue. If we get funded, of course, results and data are going to be open, because this is now mandatory. We will also propose an opencare - style public group to manage each project, but… not sure we can win.


congratulations @anique.yael and @alberto

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Great work @anique.yael and Alberto :rosette:

It seems Anique really fits for this new role of the research coordinator and proposal warrior. (It would not be for me. So it’s good that we’re all different :blush:)

Best of luck with the applications! I’m also really curious though: Could we get a one-sentence outline of what each proposal contains?

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RUR-02: why did digitisation of agriculture never really take off? Can we learn anything from the edgers of farming (permaculture, eco-villages, urban gardening, open source projects in farming)? Let’s do an ethnography + SSNA!

RUR-03: something something blockchain something something smart contracts. Ethnography + SSNA

RUR-04: we should build some vast agent-based model of how farming interacts with ecosystems. Let’s make sure it incorporates the knowledge of operators on the ground by doing an ethnography + SSNA.

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@matthias titles of the topics

RUR-02-2018: Socio-economic impacts of digitisation of agriculture and rural areas
RUR-03-2018: Contracts for effective and lasting delivery of agri-environmental public goods
RUR-04-2018-2019: Analytical tools and models to support policies related to agriculture and food

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