First draft of application done. Help needed now!

Ok, I have done a first pass. Things to do:

  1. Read the threads in this group and follow up.
  2. Read the text and the comments in this document and fill in the missing stuff. Most of it is for @marco.giacomassi and concerns TwinBit related information. Some of it is intended for @Matthias; one case is intended for either Matt or @ArthurD.
  3. Check out this. It is a simulation of what the Technical Annex (which is essentially "the project") is going to look like (I have deleted all of the instructions to realistically assess its length, since there is a page limit). Copypaste missing sections from the previous document as you complete them. 
  4. Heads up: we are already close to the page limit. Feel free to delete stuff as well. 
  5. Once this is done, I will write the abstract and title (in the main form).

Please do this soon. I will be unavailable after June 8th, and even before my time is limited.

Great work!

I’ll join in soon, but need to invest some more hours before for making our open ethnography prototype thingy usable for Inga. Anyway, soon.

FYI: Page limit

I freed up two pages in your page limit simulation by excluding sections 4-5 of the Technical Annex (not covered by a page limit), setting page size to A4, and margins to 15 mm (the minimum allowed). Will be good to keep it half a page shorter than what this allows now, to have some space for manoeuvring as this is a simulation after all …

Shorter still

I would like to stay well clear of the page limit. An ideal submission will be 6 pages long.