fixing a meeting with Citydev

we got a reply from citydev via Grynszpan Agnès, they are suggesting 2 dates to go to meet them at their office,

Je vous propose

Soit mardi 30/05/2023 – 10h00à 11h00

Soit jeudi 1er /6 /2023 de 14h00à 15h00

cc @alberto @Julien

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For both proposed times I don’t have anything planned and it’s in the week I don’t have my kids so i’m more flexible. Just try to tell me as quick as possible.

Is it OK for you if I contact the person I received by Sven Gatz (Minister of finance of Brussels Region) to hear if he is a collegue of Agnès Grynszpan and If he will attend too to that meeting?

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I prefer Tuesday.

Yes, @Julien go right ahead.

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Hey @manuelpueyo,

We have the right contact at CityDev, the person I contacted told me they like to have an answer about the two dates propossed. Both are still free for me.