Flash update on the UNDP gig

Very quickly: so far everything seems to be proceeding according to plan, less a slight delay.

  • We do indeed have to go through procurement.
  • The procurement documents were finalized last week and passed on to the procurement guys in Bratislava. The end-of-the-year mess is delaying the publishing of the tender. According to Millie, it should be out "any day now". They promised to get in touch with me when it does, but it does not hurt to keep an eye on their procurement notice webpage
  • The big news is that the number of countries to be analyzed has been reduced to three, for the same $85K (maximum). They have also been pre-selected, mosty on the basis of UNDP country offices that are fast and willing to cooperate with us. They are: Armenia, Egypt and Georgia
  • Once the procurement notice is published, we will have two weeks to respond. 

Procurement notices out!

Update: the procurement notices are out. There are two, and we have been invited to submit to both – not sure if this is a default or if they are really expecting a proposal for Make the Future as well. Anyway, here starts the rush. Deadline is, for both tenders, 13th January 2013 at 16.00 CET.

[AD_admin] please note:

Please note that the contract will be signed between UNDP Bratislava Regional Centre and the winning entity. For your information, we don’t have Tax registration number assigned and have a status of Diplomatic mission in Slovakia. We recommend you to consult your local tax office to obtain correct information on VAT implications in this respect. The total price in the offer has to be calculated based on this information (i.e. – if VAT isn’t applicable you shouldn’t include it and vice versa).

Please everyone who wishes to be involved let me know ASAP. I’d like to make a first go at it Monday. Paging [Matthias] and [Noemi]. I am also creating a separate group for this.


I’ll check up on this on Monday… I doubt I will get an answer immediately… But def will have one well before the 13th…


I am ready to bet you there will be no VAT  involved. Legally speaking, we are transacting with the UN in NY, I don’t see how UK law would make us pay VAT on this. Quite relevant though: VAT is our whole margin!

Inclined to agree … But “contract will be signed between UNDP Bratislava Regional Centre” is not NY and is a possible EU entity?? Which would make VAT liable?? Will revert with an ‘opinion’…