Follow the torch

Day 1:

As a result of the exercise that we developed in class, we reflect in our needs as students and the offer we could make to residents of the neighborhood and as a result we identified the following areas of interaction:

Free time: we are looking for a place to exchange skills and tools and a place to hang around in order to revalue time, a place to share cultures and for stories to be told.

Language: we encounter some language barriers and are seeking for a “connector” to the local community, in exchange we can offer to learn a new language.

Company: often we just need a shoulder to lean on or someone to trust our house keys, but also exchanging about work – we would offer mutual support.

Food: in this case, we usually lack time and money, but are eager to eat healthy. We would like to share groceries, could use a hand while carrying the bulk home and prefer to eat together. In exchange for knowledge or tools we could offer a hand in household keeping.

Eventually we identified food as common ground to access also other needs of care, as well as an initial starting point to engage both students and locals.

Day 2:

Brainstorming was the tool that we used to define our main idea. We focalized on one need which was feeling safe and then we came out with our driven idea.

We want to create weekly discovery walks around Bovisa guided by students or locals. The walks will focus each time on a different kind of places (shops, parks, bars etc. or design-oriented, food-oriented etc.), with the aim of getting students and people from the neighborhood together to know more about the opportunities offered in the area. There will be a stop in each place and the owner(s) will tell a story around a metaphorical fireplace about their experience in Bovisa and the place itself. For the owners it will be a way to promote their activity and at the same time visitors will be able to have a better overview of what the neighborhood offers.

Day 3:

Using storyboard we analysed all the steps of our idea. By defining stages it was easier to manage the concept and structure it in all the aspects. We decided to collaborate with local people and shop owners for outlining these walks, contacting them directly. According to this we decided to reach customers using different channels, young people will be contacted through Facebook pages and neighbourhood through posters hanging around Bovisa’s area. We will plan walks concentrated on different topics that will change each week. People could remain in touch with events chatting our Whatsapp number. They will have the possibility to become part of our group, guiding teams or translating tour.

We recorded a video to explain this using a realistic and comics way of shooting.

Day 4:

Finally we finished editing the video to post it on Facebook, waiting for audience comments and suggestions.


Link to video?

Hello team @Group_3 and nice work. Over here in the edgeryders community we appreciate it when people document their work as this gives the rest of us inspiration and a window into how change happens :slight_smile:

I am curious if you posted the video and have a link to it? Let me know if we can help in any way.

Thank you!

Thank you for the appreciation! We just added the link to the video in the bottom of the page, hope you will enjoy it :slight_smile: