Follow up about the proposal of hosting the camp in Medenine

@Yosser and all. I feel like hosting the event in Medenine in december is distracting you guys from the work of setting up a more sustainable space. So Maybe it’s better to push this forward to coincide with the opening of the space Yosser wants to set up?

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No it is not about distraction from opening the space, we are just working on setting the different scenarios that can lower the cost as much as possible and for now I am waitining for the resposne from the “youth hosltel” to see the possible low cost accomodation with them,

That’s always a good idea, but keep in mind that the 3500 USD budget is more like a reserve. Collect some creative ideas for raising own funds for the event, and you’re not limited by that (admittedly small) budget anymore. Fundraising within Tunisia may be hard to do (as you say), but you can go international (and we can contribute ideas and contacts from Edgeryders’ past experiences).


[quote=“matthias, post:26, topic:7363”]
contribute ideas and contacts from Edgeryders’ past experiences
[/quote] would be a good idea, so if you can share them with me in order to start with th fundraising