Follow up about the proposal of hosting the camp in Medenine

This is what we came up with today:

  1. We had a meeting with the mayor of Ben Khdech, where he told us that we will have all the administrative procedures done smoothly and that they will support us with everything we need and he already arranged a meeting for us with the owner of the hotel in there, Ksar Jouamaa (check here!) so what he told us is that he will provide WIFI, traditional food, and an experience of discovering patrimonies and so on… the things that you should be aware of is that there is no toilet in a each room, there are about 6 toilets and 4 showers that will be shared by all (@nadia it is the same thing as the hotel I showed you in the Ksour of Medenine, about the speperation of the room and the toilet) also, it is not in the city center of Medenine, it is away in a small village that belongs to Medenine, named Ben Khdech, he said that he can provide everything even having different traditional “soiré”, so this would make you have a whole new experience …

  2. We can stay in a hotel in the centre of the city, and we can move from there to other places that we have already mentioned (Ben Khdech, Ksour, Om Tameur, Jektis… we already mentioned them in the previous proposal) so this is more comfortable, and it is in the center of the city.

  3. We can do both of them, split the days between those two

As for the administrative procedures can be done in a week, but we can only start on it when we have the final confirmation, also the local administrative is super excited to help host the event in Medenine, so it is not just the local people, we have everyone showing support :slight_smile:

My point is we need to discuss more details:

  • How many people we are supposed to host in here. ( the ksour of Ben khdech can host 150 / of Medenine 80 people, unless we split them to another hotel too then we can host up to 200 )
  • The Budget
  • The program

We really need these details if possible by tonight, in order to get things done

@nadia @alberto @matthias @johncoate @zmorda @hazem
also @Nidhal @Nejib_Ammar_5 @AnesB… that is what we need for now?


Yes this is all what we need for the moment.

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@Yosser that’s great work

  • For the number of people, I would say 80 is good. Currently in the Festival in Brussels 80 is our maximum number ( @noemi @natalia_skoczylas ? ) usually around this number 60 -80 is a good number for people to participate and get to know each other, so basically both places could fit, I guess it is up to you guys to decide which is better, and depending on which is cheaper also.

  • Program usually is done, as mostly everything else here, in a participatory manner where people propose sessions and run them at the camp/ festival, ( it is no spectator events so everyone participate and pick a task to do ) this will need some coordination work.

  • I am not sure about the budget allowed for the Camp till now, for this @nadia should have a better idea.

  • Also @unknown_author what do you think about the whole thing ? You have pretty good connections in Morocco and I believe you know how to get the party started for the festival :smiley: what do you think about moving the festival to Mednine ?

also @nidal @Nejib_Ammar_5 @AnesB, hello and great work guys, it’s awesome to see such energy and commitment to do good in Medenine

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Just found the Ksar Jouamaa hotel on the map (no. 1 on Yosser’s list). It’s actually inside these traditional ksur buildings (switch to satellite view to see that), and about 27 km from the center of Medenine. “Domes, dozens of them.” :blush:


You know, @Yosser, we have a motto in Edgeryders:

Who does the work calls the shots

Doers get to make the decisions. This makes us a do-ocracy.

This means you have just appointed yourself festival director. Congratulations! As for me, I am very grateful and ready to help you a bit (not much, as I have other commitments). :slight_smile:


@hazem @zmorda @matthias @alberto @noemi @johncoate @unknown_author that settles it for me. Who does the work calls the shots is one of our key values. So Yosser, @Nidhal @AnesB and everyone else, we are moving the camp from Morocco to Medenine.

Now for your questions:

  1. The size

    “How many people we are supposed to host in here. (The ksour of Ben khdech can host 150 / of Medenine 80 people, unless we split them to another hotel too then we can host up to 200.)”

    Let’s cap participation at max. 150 people to keep logistics simple? Exact number depends on the budin

  2. The Budget
    I need to update some numbers to get a clear idea. In the meanwhile you guys should think about how to make it financially self-sustaining, so you can be independent from external funding since this was something you wanted to avoid. Let’s touch base about this as soon as you have a couple of ideas to discuss?

  3. The program
    This is something that you guys should discuss based on what you would like to achieve, and how you would like the camp to contribute to this. Think about what was said during the workshop as a point of departure? @zmorda is putting putting together a proposal for how to structure our steps moving forward in building Openvillage. Maybe have a look and see what you think? here’s a first draft


Thaanks @hazem you’ll be welcome in here and see you soon

I’m very happy and honored to have this opportunity ! Thank you @nadia @alberto and all the team for making this happen. I hope that you will never forget this experience :slight_smile:

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While waiting for Nadia to share us with the estimated budget we can try to write the project together and apply for funds, check this ( Le programme d’appui au renforcement du secteur culturel tunisien (Tfanen – Tunisie Créative) lance un appel à projets pour le Fonds Festivals et Patrimoine – Jamaity) and ask for sponsorship, during the workshop there are members who already have an established association right ?
Please d o not hesitate to ask for help I highly recommend you in addition to study the different financing possibilities to structure the project and put it in its frame why the festival? What will this event bring to you and the region? Who are the participants? is it a just an edition . @ysser @Nidhal @ines95 @AnesB


I loved the motto, what I promise is that we all will do our best to figure it out :slight_smile:

I think we should limit it to a maximum 80 people, that will be easier for us to manage also, as what we seek is the quality and not the quantity, and having 80 people satisfied about the festival is better than having 200 not satsfied, maybe in the future if we hosted anything else we can have more people.

are they going to be nay workshops or training in the festival??

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It is a well known festival in Tunisia, we have dunes in here also but it kind of cost a lot of money to be able to go in there as they need a special 4*4 cars to get in there and they are expensive to rent, we already thought of having the new year eve in there! but as I said, it cost lots of money

I totally agree with you! we will dicuss that in the meeting tomorrow

I support that limit. We have not done any festival larger than 80 (except for LOTE1, but that had a big budget available). And since the time to prepare is not that long, going beyond what we have the experience for to organize is a bit too risky …

(That said, we can plan it flexible enough to accommodate 20-40 more local people from Medenine, if there if more interest than we anticipate. Accommodating local guests involves much less logistics than guests from outside / abroad.)

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Yup, in case the festival was hosted in Medenine the city then the locals from Medenine will not be accomodated in the hotel, they have their homes in here so it would be more cost effective for us, however if we host it in Ben Khdech, then they will be accomodated in the Hotel

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Program/training: A suggestion…

  • One Day of Discovery: People share their projects and learning about something relevant to a theme that is interesting/relevant to everyone who is coming. You could even pick it from the list of topics we care about. If you click below the image you will get links that point to edgeryders stories and conversations around each topic- this means you know who in the broaders edgeryders community is interested in that topic in case you want to invite people from abroad to come to the event.

  • One Day of Learning: Peer to peer training- if someone among the participants has a special skill, then they can do a training for the other participants on that skill.

  • One day of Doing: Participants put their brains and skills together to try to solve a series of challenges that affect their communities.

  • Music, Art and other forms of Creative expression.

Budget: 3500 USD in total, including for insurance. However, I ask that you raise the funds to cover costs yourself and that this budget is only used in the worst case scenario. Ok?


Hi everyone it seems that there is a conflation of different things in the thread so time for Expectations management and clarity

  • We are talking about a camp. Not a festival which is too much to take on with short notice. Contents should be kept simple, like an unconference. If You guys need help with program design, let us know. We have a lot of experience by now.
  • Accommodations should be very simple to ensure they are affordable to everyone, including e.g. Tunisian students .Think camp site rather than hotel rooms.
  • The budget is to be used as you feel is needed to ensure that we have a place where we can stay and run activities, electricity, wifi, bathrooms, showers and a place to cook food/or buy it at low cost.
  • Fundraising is a good idea, especially if you want to build on this. You may not succeed in time, but that’s ok - just make sure you don’t run over the 3.5K USD so that you are not taking personal risks.
  • The point is to get together, think, make, get creative and have fun. Super simple.

Ping @Nidhal @Yosser @AnesB and crew


Good evening !
thank you for clearing things for us ! I will make sure that we mention the points you talked about in our meeting tomorrow

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– So for now we need a program in order to see if we can have the local government administrations’ help with covering some of the costs, and if we have it by tomorrow that will be good! by the program we mean (the timing and the workshops or anything else you want to have) because it need to be included in the document that we will give to the administrations.

  • 3500$ is a very small budget to cover the needs of the people for four nights, so we are lowering the number to 50 people and we may have to lower it more…
  • We need to work on having the final list of the people coming because we need to calculate the cost per person (accomodation, meal, transportation…) and this number is to be included in the document that will be given to the administrations.
  • We will see what we can do about fundraising, because it is not an easy thing to do in here, I am talking about my personexperience when organizing different events in here, it is a difficult thing to do.
  • [quote=“nadia, post:20, topic:7363”]
    o get together, think, make, get creative and have fun. Super simple.
    [/quote] I totally agree with that :slight_smile:

ok we’ll send you something by noon tomorrow. And if 4 days is a stretch, make it shorter.