Follow-up Climate-KIC meeting

Hi Nadia and Alberto,

I think that we should try together with the Climate-KIC to apply for the HORIZON energy grant, they seem interested in joining the Horizon calls, and willing to be a coordinator. I can prepare a summary of calls to first see what is interesting for us, if there is something.

Nadia, I was thinking about the today’s call and involving the regions in the summit, we can think to create one workshop for them, how to support the regions in times of crisis, we can bring together speakers from the Commission, DG REGIO, Committee of the Regions and they can present Commission’s initiatives, financial instruments for faster crisis response, EU funding possibilities etc, just to get their attention, even Climate-KIC could join (since we all have the same problem in cooperation with the regions). And then when we will have all the information, agenda, date, we can send them the registration form and ask them for the regional examples of good practice on how to address the health, emergency response, social and economic aspects of the pandemic and their impact on people and their local communities. I will prepare all the information for this form, as we agreed.
Committee of the regions has some good examples of the activities to help regions tackle the crisis, Error so it would be good to have them too.

Let me know.


Perfect. Looking forward.

I REALLY like this idea.

It should probably be in a public topic, though, not in a private message.

Yes, of course, but I was thinking maybe later when we will work on the development of the concrete workshop topics. And then we can see about the speakers and participants, I can help with that too…

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Which regions are you thinking about?

I mentioned to Nadia that I can send the invitation email to all of the regional offices based in Brussels (cca 300 regions) and I can look for some good regional examples related to COVID crisis and contact them directly to share their examples and see how we can cooperate…

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Worth trying… how much time do you think it takes to prepare it?

You mean to prepare an invitation and collect all the information? Nadia already created the registration form, so I will need to adjust it, and prepare a short email. From my experience with regions the best is to send them when everything is ready and then ask them for feedback. So it should not require a lot of time, a few hours.

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I tried to click on the link but it is broken?

What about getting the availability of the people with the information? People who can deliver the presentations?

And another thing: are you guys comfortable with a “militant” version, branded Sci-Fi Econ? The narrative is going to be “use the crisis to build a new type of economy”.


Yes, I see, these are two links, which were not split by mistake;


They should be interested to take part in the summit, both the Commission and the CoR, but we have to know the exact date.

P.S. I have the access to Microsoft Teams so will check all the documents and see with Fiona if I will need some information. Do we need anything else for the Portfolio Brief, I’ve seen that you were working in Potential Portfolio Positions doc.on that?

Second week of June. When do you think you can send me the content for the modified form and the invitation text?

Great, I’ve checked and that week there are no planned events, neither in the Commission nor in the Committee, for now. I will work during the weekend on that and send you on Sunday, so I can send the emails to the potential speakers in both institutions next week (at the end it may be another DG, because they always decide between themselves). But I am already in contact with the colleagues in the Commission and CoR, who will help to find the speakers and send the invitations to the national delegations (each region has their delegation in Committee of the regions, in charge of their member of the CoR).

Nadia, this summit is financed by Horizon programme as part of the project activities? I see that you mentioned that, if so we should mention it on the Edgeryders | Covid19 - Resilient Livelihoods for visibility and write the name of the project, it may also be additional information when we reach out to Commission’s speaker.

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The event as a whole is not. Specific sessions are, e.g the one focused on resilience in care is financed by NGI. The one with the regions would be financed by Climate Kic money. The summit itself as a whole also includes sessions run by volunteers so they should not be branded as being financed by anything other than edgeryders.

Is there a basic concept note on this or what you’re heading for? I’d be interested to join probably… @nadia :v: