Follow up from 28/11: appropriate indicators

Dear all,

Looking back at a great session I am starting this thread to compile a list of recommended reading for our discussions. Maybe it is a good idea to make short summaries of inspiring books? I am currently reading a book by Roman Krznaric, who makes a case for a so called inter-generational solidarity index. I will make a brief on that and post it here.

Like to hear your ideas to move this pressing issue forward.

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Cool. I like the idea of knowledge-sharing. Books, podcasts, articles, whatever.
I wrote about indicators in Thrivability: Breaking Through to a World that Works. And worked for several years on writing a more impact-assessment focused book with a leading figure on it in France. I have had a lot of pressure over the years to come up with a Thrivability index, but I kept feeling like the parts are not there yet to get the width of it. Donut Economics has been inspiring. This work, and was built on an analysis of existing systems.

Also, the Reporting3.0 crowd might have something useful for us.