Follow-up is Everything

Stewardship on the Ground

The unMonastery as a Case Study in ambitious stewardship

Stewards play by different rules.  As stewards we act not on our own behalf but for the good of a more powerful absent entity.  Stewards know their place in the hierarchy; as agents of a coherent external force their individual interest is of no interest. To honestly explore our place in the world through a vision of stewardship is uniquely brave, some would say audacious.

Since the formal closure of the unMonastery  Prototype Matera doors at the end of July, Katalin Hausel and Bembo Davies have spent the months compiling an extensive evaluation report /recipe book from the virtual dust of the unMonastery archives.  Cheekily dubbed “the Book of Mistakes” in a collective brainwave at LOTE3, The Book Of Greater and Lesser Omissions pieces together in a meticulous, albeit non-linear fashion the history of the triumphs and failures of the Matera prototype from LOTE#1 onwards.  It is not always a pretty sight. Our central conclusion: Follow-up is everything.

Among the mountain of documentation that the modern unMonasterian creates, the principles are clearly stated, there is plenty of evidence that good thinking has occurred.  What is more revealing is the gap that the challenge of unMonastery Lite illuminates:  true, responsible Stewardship is unRelentingly difficult.

The Book of Greater and Lesser Omissions is expanding daily.   Although its first public exposé is at LOTE4, you are  perfectly welcome  familiarise yourself with its central arguments.

Date: 2014-10-24 10:30:00 - 2014-10-24 10:30:00, Europe/Brussels Time.

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