Follow up of the One to One Labs

The One To One Labs has started!
OCI Lab Team, @zmorda and @amiraGbs , conducted three One to One Labs on Tuesday, January 14, 2020.
The first OTO Lab was held with @yasser Machat, the project leader of Zed Tunisia.
The Lab started with a quick introduction
@Yasser is born in Nabeul, a city in the northeast of Tunisia, about sixty kilometers southeast of Tunis. As he is a full-time Content creation Manager at Ma3an Project of FHI 360°, a USAID funded project, he could not attend all the labs.
Yasser’s feedback on the labs he attended is that the content is accessible and not confusing jargon and that even if he could not participate in them all, he could follow using the lab materials shared with them by the OCI Lab Team.
His concern is that the labs are focusing on profitability while it is not his project’s primary axis. zmorda explained that the program is an incubator for social enterprises and profitability is as essential as social impact
Yasser asked as well about the margin of flexibility in the project’s Idea, since, when benefiting from the program, he had ideas that can improve the project.
Zmorda made it clear that he is free to add improvements
Afterward, zmorda had the time to explain that the incubation within OCI LAB is mainly to validate the problem and the solution and to accompany the project leader into conceiving her/his prototype. She explained as well the selection process and the means of support that OCI Lab is offering
OCI Lab team recommended Yasser to post on the platform to share an overview of the project leader, the project and the projects progress so far and offered to assist him with that

The second OTO Lab was held with @salaheddine Ogontayo, the project leader of "The Identity App"
Salaheddine is an HR and IT Specialist and full time dedicated to the “Identity App” which is an application targeting the new relocating people in the major cities of Tunisia.
After the quick introduction, the project leader presented the service provided by the project as “It will be providing its users with analytics and reports after tracking their user experience.”
For the team, the challenges are where to find convenient data in Tunisia, benchmarking, the main issues that the new residents are facing
The app has a lot of features and can take a lot of time to be achieved. It has two main stakeholders (the new relocating people in the major cities of Tunisia.and the micro, small, and medium enterprises as customers) that make it scalable (B2C) and profitable (B2B), which makes the app more sustainable.

The OCI Lab Team tried to orient the project leader towards highlighting and showcasing the social impact of the project (which is existing- helping the small businesses ).
Afterward, Zmorda explained the selection process and the means of support that OCI Lab is offering. She recommended as well to write a post on the platform to share an overview of the project leader, the project, the projects progress so far, the challenges, and the concerns.

The third OTO Lab was with @ayari.taha the Project Leader of “AI Mental Health”.
Taha is an IT engineer and social entrepreneur based in Sousse. He has dedicated his full time to the implementation of his project “AI Mental Health”.
He had interviews with medical professionals, sociologists, psychologists & therapists in his prototype test phase.
These interviews oriented him in the development of the project.
Zmorda recommended to Taha to share the communications on the platform so that he enables the community to have access to his outcomes, he can be supported by the community members and to gain visibility regarding his progress and to have his work documented.
Taha is working on this project on his own actually; for that, zmorda suggested to collaborate with the data science academy team. For that, an offline lab will be scheduled for the next week.
zmorda explained the selection process and the means of support that OCI Lab is offering.
Taha will be posting on the platform about the project and his progress as well as the challenges he is facing, the human & material resources needed
Taha asked as well about the Festival mentioned in the application of the OCI Lab Incubator program. Zmorda stated that the most committed participants of the program would have the opportunity to a fellowship to guarantee their access to the Festival.


Sounds interesting! @ayari.taha, could you make a post about your project?


Thank you Maria. check AI mental healthcare