Follow up on the offline event - Webinar: Power Pitch & Storytelling - Jordan

I am Mousa Muntasir Mu’amar I’am a Youth Project officer, I am interested in the power of dialogue among youth.

I have coordinated the offline event of the Webinar “Power Pitch & Storytelling” in Jordan. It was conducted in Liwan Space with the presence of 11 participants.

Ages chart:

Gender balance chart :

The participants were enthusiastic and were engaging in the discussion with the Mentor, and the topic was so interesting and engaging.

Questions by the participants:

1 - Is the presentation hook an essential?

2- What is the importance of the audience study?

3- What is the best opening?

4- What is the best number for the pullet points in one presentation?

5- How to select best images to be used in our presentation?

6- What is my audience expecting from me?

7-How much time should I devote to the task overall