Follow up on the offline event - Webinar: Power Pitch & Storytelling - Lebanon

Hello, this is Mokhtar Itani from Lebanon. I’m a computer science student, business enthusiast, and I have an enormous interest in entrepreneurship, inventions, and innovations. In the meantime, I’m launching an entrepreneurship club at my university. In my entrepreneurial journey, I participated in many national and international programs, and I organize numerous competitions and incubators programs with different organizations in the field of entrepreneurship. Lately, my focus was on social entrepreneurship. This time, I had the chance to take this initiative on an individual level. Hence, the OCI Lab allowed me to coordinate the offline event: Webinar “Power Pitch and Storytelling,” and it was a great experience.
The webinar airing took place at a little cozy co-working space at Beirut Lebanon, The Olive Grove Hamra.
The attendees were young full of energetic vibes(Age range 20-29). They enjoyed the spirit of the space since start-ups’ offices surrounded them. The attendance was composed of 9 people attended, five women and four men, and we started with an ice-breaking session to get to know each other. What’s exciting and makes the offline event special is the participant’s diversity we had; among us, there was a YouTuber, a computer scientist, event planner, international affairs student. Etc. After the ice-breaking activity, we had a small discussion about the participant’s motivation to attend the offline event; they were mainly looking to be inspired to do something. The feedbacks were positive; the attendees enjoyed how active the session was.
The main challenge was the time zone issue;lebanon


@Mokhtaritani Thank you for your post and welcome to the Edgeryders Community.
I carefully read your post and want to ask how we may improve the time zone conflict while ensuring an online global gathering for MENA’s Youth?

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I think we can easily handle it next time, just by notifying each country the event timing in their time zone, or we can use GMT or KSA timing. Not a big deal :grin:.