Followup communications after the first Lab

I think it is time to plan our next updates now that our first edition went live and people is still hot on the topic.

Here is the schedule I propose:

november 13th
How was our first edition?
We are recovering from the rush of the last weeks and sedimenting our emotions and thoughts.
In the meantime we would like to know how was the event in your opinion?
Was it in line to your expectations?
Do you have suggestions for the next editions?

november 25th
we took a pause for reflection
here are the main feedback we received
this is what we think about the first edition

december 10th
what is going to happen in 2020

What do you think? @alberto @ilaria @nadia

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Does it have to be so tight? We are all struggling with so many things.

The first request for feedback email I would send it by the end of this week, if possible.

The second email “our reflections”, could also be one week later
(december 2).

The third email should be sent by the end of 2019.

This would be ideal, otherwise we can send them as soon as we are ready :slight_smile:

Dear All - the Moderator was up to the challenge to bring the very disparate elements somewhat into mutual contact. Time & intellectual resources should be spent to identify ‘what is considered to be an element’ and ‘how to relate them’. I suggest reading: White, L. 1967. The Historical Roots of Our Ecologic Crisis. Science, 155, 1203–1207, (Un-paywalled copy @: as giving an example of ‘views of the world’ that transect through different economic systems. It will be such ‘old & common’ elements that (likely) will be the vehicle to transgress current socio-economic structures to settle for something new. regards, Martin