Formal partnerships signing! (only after you have proceeded with earlier efforts)

This is a placeholder for OPENandChange application phase: Signing the Memorandum of Understanding between Edgeryders and partner organisations, due end of September.

No action required from any one.

I will add Partners manually here as agreements are progressing and being finalized.

Reference and work in progress here.

Date: 2016-09-28 10:30:00 - 2016-09-28 10:30:00, Europe/Bucharest Time.


OPENandChange Coordination

+OPENandChange Coordination

Sorry, It should be clear, but I’m confused about how we are supposed to use the shared documents (e.g. An invitation…) and how we can collaborate most effectively.

Still learning. Is there a place where we can discuss/learn these things together?

Wait until further notice?

Rune hi, you are more advanced than many of the potential partners.

Now other people (Yannick, Pavlos, Natalia etc) are getting ready to host workshops in different cities and keep recruiting new projects.

Me, Nadia, Alberto are trying to make sure everyone follows the steps you did: sharing their project, interacting with other people here in the community, sharing headlines, and understanding the social contract.

A communication about the steps needed to formalize the application and partnerships will follow, as we need to get everything done in a month from now.

Since you are already advanced, I suggest your team works on the activities you will propose, timeline and budget to have it all ready to plug into the bigger application.

Finally happening now.

Thanks for bearing with us.

TADAM! You are probably at this stage of filling the forms:

Heads up!! Missing info

@Simonedb I saw you submitted details about your project and would like to remind you to sign the Memo of Understanding - we need your Organisation name + registered address + representative in this project and a signature (yours or Camilla’s would do). I re-shared the document with you. Thanks!

Gentle reminders

@Village-Psy @fxcoughlin we got your projects applications and so in order to be an official partner can I ask you each to fill in the info needed in the Memo of Understanding + signatures? You will see instructions + how others did it.

The document is here.


Sign the MoU to be official OpenandChange partners

@Yannick @Pavlos @jahn you have organised the workshops. Don’t forget your organisations or projects are more than welcome to officially join the bidbook application.

The Memo of Understanding is here, as for the application text you already have access.