FormStorm as SOCINN?


I think FormStorm itself is an innovation. So I have started to get it written here. [Noemi], [Nadia],[Matthias], [Alberto], [AD_Admin] , guys, can you please have a look?

I’ll keep brushing it up for Saturday,  but need a first rough opinion of yours.

Friday I have a full FormStorm Fulltime Clan booked to help me with this.

Not bad

You got a surprising amount of lineage out of a very simple idea.

However, it is better you submit this as an individual rather than as Edgeryders! What with me being in the jury, it is important to avoid even the suspicion of a conflict of interest.

ah, ok. yeah.

I’m not sure if I get it entirely, we can talk abt it any time

…but yeah, we don’t want any suspicion of conflicting interests or anything of a kind.

FormStorm as the tool, the means to the end

[k],I think it’s great if you manage to turn this into an entry! From reading your application draft the selling point for me is that a formstorm doesn’t just help people collaborate of filling forms: it’s not even about that, it’s more about leveling up your idea and turning it into something fundable-> creating your own work, plus the added value coming from p2p collaboration -> building systems of support.

I left some comments in the doc as well…

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1000xThanks, [Noemi]

[Aden] can I share your brushed up version here as well?