FormStorm Hangout with full-time FormStorm crew

Saturday, November the 23rd. 4PM-5.30PM CET (I’ll start earlier and leave later, ping me @j32804) You can check out the summary of previous hangout (Slow Comfortable FormStorm-ish)

In the upcoming one we will have the rest of the fulltime FormStorm crew (a bunch of people having a daily short FormStorm hangout and fully responsible for making it happen and making it good)

It should be comfortable, but very structured and go faster. Structured in a sense that after the hangout everyone should understand who does what, how and when. Actionables. So, I’ll do my homework, do yours, please.

If you have no clue what FormStorm i you’re welcome to join: read the the post, the wiki and Nadias summary. thanx.

Ping Fulltime FormStorm crew in case of emergency: @AnnaJagric @fortyfoxes @Adenwa1a @j32804 @ERsweden @TheRealHazzar

Date: 2013-11-23 15:00:00 - 2013-11-23 16:30:00, Europe/Berlin Time.

Short notice…

Aw, too much of a short notice for me, unfortunately! Would definetely like to be part of the FormStorm next time as the deadlines for EU Social Innovation and Che Fare are speedingly coming up! Have a good one, looking forward to the feedback.

I’ll try to join and listen in

Not sure if my internet connection (I’m traveling) will be good enough, but will definitely try! Glad to see so many on board of this… form storm seems to be channeling all of our past frustrations in application writing into something FUN :slight_smile:

To complete the info on event

K i suggest you edit the event info and

  1. set the proper time because the time is listed in Events and currently may be misleading

  2. assign it to the Form Group, Blog and other relevant groups so it shows up on those pages as other Edgeryders navigate the website and should see the event

  3. ping the peeople you want to join by using their username in square brakets like this: [K]


  1. Can’t edit time for the event for some reason, might be a browser…

  2. I’ll do that, I thought I did.

  3. Preferred to ping people directly on google hangouts. There is a lot of email updates coming from edgeryders, and I would guess, most people will have a separate folder it arrives to. So I thought a direct google invit would be more appropriate. It is also very short notice, but next time - yes.

I have a question, something that I could not figure out yet> what is the user group?