FormStorm. Happening. online hackatonlike fund application formfilling event with hangouts, pads&docs, popplets, people, and

3hours FormStorm will happen This Sunday at 6.30PM  till 9.30PM CET. There will be multiple hangouts and those who want to join will be invited.

3things you need to join:

  • Perfect internet connection
  • Perfect sound
  • Do what I say 

So far there is 5 forms which will be stormed.

Are you a human? - During this FormStorm you share as much as you feel like sharing. Your ideas are yours and will remain so - we all respect that… Transparency is for kids and kittens.

Are you a Kitten with these superpowers? If you specify so: you can join The Large FormStorm Collider and go Crazy Open, a scenario where projects collide and merge and new projects might be born.

Great, but to do what?

If I may say, this kind of call to arms is not easy to read to someone who has not been involved in the post-LOTE3 discussion. How would you describe this to someone who does not know about Edgeryders and your own work?

What is a form in this context? What’s the aim of filling forms? Is this #diogochallenge? Is it any form one might have?

What is the advantage of filling it in the context of a Form Storm rather than alone?

Sent you email with a skeleton and draft proposal

I agree with Alberto, and tried to frame it for someone who doesn’t know what it’s about, so hopefully that helps. :slight_smile:

Multiple hangouts could end up messy, especially if people want to work on or review more than 1 proposal… So I suggested one where everyone comes in for intro and instructions, and then they work on google docs or whatever, and can use the chat in there to coordinate, while still being in 1 major hangout to listen to the others and stay tuned.

Thanks for a quick feedback

Thanks [Noemi]!

All the docs with rules and instructions are coming&cod of conduct is coming. Everything is ready:

just been a bit slow at posting to the platform.

I’ll impose my benign dictatorship on Sunday.

FormStorm FullTime Crew will start earlier.

Another good thing about Sunday it has a connection with unMon The Gathering.

[Noemi], [Alberto], [Nadia], [AD_admin] come!

I’ll join :slight_smile:

I’ll join you tomorrow :slight_smile:

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let me know :slight_smile:

let me know how to join :slight_smile:

is it now ?..

Great, spicing up form filling to be the highlight of the day :slight_smile:

The Large FormStorm Collider […], a scenario where projects collide and merge and new projects might be born.

Hmm sounds like … are you into brane theory?. You know, when two branes collide in space, a universe is born. When two brains collide in a form, a project is born :stuck_out_tongue:

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