Forward ho!

Ok – Cork, Matera and Santa Cruz have all registered to the challenge. I guess we are ready to move forward with this. I suggest what follows:

  • Arthur needs to clear with the Rockefeller Foundation our idea of the subnetwork – the sooner the better, as this impacts on the applications.
  • We take a week to produce drafts of each of the three applications. We build them as wikis on the platform. The natural division of responsibilities is that I take responsibility for Matera; Arthur for Cork man; and Lucas for Santa Cruz. Ideally we would coordinate, so that some parts of the answers are shared across the three applications – in particular for questions 1, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9.
  • We then convene on Monday, Oct 7th on Google Hangout with the Sarchastic Old Men and go through the applications.
  • In the next couple of days we edit the applications as needed and submit AHEAD OF TIME, please :-)

Makes sense?

One important question: do we make the wikis visible only to group members? What does everyone think?


I agree with structure and schedule … But think the website wiki is a bit clunky for this … I will set something up in G’docs for us and see if everyone likes it…

Re “everyone” … To many cooks will spoil the broth… Let’s get at least a first draft done for each and then ask for “review” rather than “input”…