FOSDEM '23 in Brussels, on Feb 4th and 5th - anyone going?

Hi folks,

I’ve had a couple of talk proposals accepted for FOSDEM during the first weekend in February and I figured it might be worth seeing if anyone’s in town that weekend.

I haven’t figured out if I’ll be heading up on Friday 2nd or Friday 1st, and last time I saw any of the Edgeryders gang it was on video calls during the Witness playtesting sessions, so it seemed worth asking, as it might be nice to see folks in person.

Also, is the Brussels Reef / Edgeryders building in the same place?

I think I last visited in 2019 for a green cloud event run by the EU (for the terminally curious, you can see my write up on my own neglected blog), but that was during ‘the before times’, and I’m not sure.

About FOSDEM for folks new to it

FOSDEM is one of the biggest open source conferences in Europe, and it’s usually chock full of interesting sessions. It’s free, but it also can be pretty overwhelming.

Here’s the link to the content and schedule:

For my part, I’m doing two talks, both on the Saturday.

1. Saturday Feb 3rd - 13:30 - Responsible Clouds and the Green Web Triangle - How to make the climate case for a diverse cloud ecosystem

2. Saturday Feb 3rd - 16:55 - Getting to a fossil free internet by 2030 - A tour of the tech and policy changes to get us there

Anyway, if the abstracts for these talks sound interesting, I’ll likely be around on Friday night at least.

I think that I will. Don’t know about the others (@matthias - this of interest to you? If yes maybe it could be nice to time a trip to see your friends in Brussels - hint hint)

Do you need a place to stay Chris? - we (I) can put you up in a nice guest room :slight_smile:


Oh sweet, so there’s at least one EdgeRyder I can say hi to then when I’m da brux @nadia :slight_smile:

Thanks for the generous offer about getting a roof over my head btw - I’ll message you direct about it.

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Hi Chris! I will be in town, and was also planning to go, but it now looks like I will be playing a small concert (!). If that is the case, I won’t have any time for FOSDEM, but maybe can offer some evening entertainment (Sat 4th). Also, if you arrive earlier it will be easier to meet.