Framework for (unHalloween) unParty

conversations are being had off site about the content and style of this event.  These would gain a lot if we knew if there has been any progress on the venue question???

IT may merge into or supplement the Meet the Matereani place on the program.  So far the thought is either before and leading towards the party place or as an intermezzo during the party, a tourch-lit guided tour of the Sassi where 10-20 Stations of History are established.  At each station someone will tell the history of the building (or not exactly this building but one) where their family had lived and favorite stories.(time 30 secs or 2 minutes)  Some of these could be translated.  If noone is available to do so – they can go in Italiano; we will get the idea.  This will require a special recruitment for people who will attend the party, but don’t really have other key tasks in keeping things moving.  We can do a short workshop before to clarify what is desirable, and how simple a contribution can be:  Just reading up all the names of your family members from memory can be very evocative.  Short facts of life also carry a lot of resonance.

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+1 for focus on Matera

Bembo did you just come up with this? I think it’s great that we root our unHalloweeen as much as possible in the local… Does anyone know or can tell how Materani or Italians in general celebrate halloween? other than at pumpkin/torch light? 

Just as we did in Brussels, maybe a good idea is to create a kick ass poster of we are thinking about - like your idea above, which sounds very… ritualic?- and share it, preferably onsite and online as well, with a contact+email for people to volunteer? might go better than a written post/call for participation…

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