Free thoughts about CARE

What is care for me? On the first thought care is a feeling for me. Something invisible. From the day on we live, we normally experience it - e.g. the care of our parents for us. It´s not just a physical kind of care, but also a mental. We care about each other. We care about each other even when the person is not physically there. Care creates a boundary. A boundary between people. Care is a form of dedication. You need trust and love to care about somebody. Care means including someone instead of excluding. To know that somebody cares about you is really important. It gives you a save feeling. The feeling, that you are not alone.

A care-relationship can exist between families, friends, people and their pets or plants, a group of people, but also in a society. There are many care systems in society (like health care, social care…). But shouldn´t also the people in society take care of each other? Actions like helping an older person across the street/ offering a seating in the bus,… can´t be covered by institutions in society. These small actions can only be covered by people in society.

But how to establish the idea of taking care of people in need in society? And how to establish actions of caring in society?

In a society of care, care is based on reciprocity. People help other people in need and receive help when the time comes when they need it.

Care is based on trust. But how to trust a stranger? For the stranger you are a stranger, too. Trust can only be developed by getting in touch with each other, by getting to know each other.

In practice, though…

Well, hard to disagree with what you write here. I am curious about the practice of care, though. What does it look like for you? How do you personally give and receive care? Is it babysitting for a friend? Is it spending time with a sick relative? How does that experience influence your views?