Frihamnstorget gets grant for modular creative zones

Vinnova has awarded a grant of around 250k EUR to Blivande (where Edgeryders has an office in Stockholm) and partner companies and associations. Over the next couple of years, anyone who starts a new project at Frihamnstorget will be eligible to get up to 80 hours of professional construction work done on their container or similar mobile module by KI Metal Solutions - paid for by the project. We built a consortium by putting together puzzle pieces within the Blivande community - @elch brought KI Metal Solutions, Frihamnens Kulturförening (which runs Galleri Frihamnstorget) does outreach, SenseStack brings the dreams platform and Blivande coordinates and accepts applicants, as well as rents out the space for modules.

Through this project, our goal is to address that artists and small business owners often leave empty-handed after they spend time and money on improving real estate that they do not own. By helping them build and own their own mobile units, they can take some of that created value with them, and their studios or workshops can be relocated instead of being torn down - hopefully making it possible for them to stay in an area even as their original location gets redeveloped. We think that mobile units can be a kind of “liquid connecting tissue” that adapts around a city as it develops - resiliently grazing in the urban pastures, on the move but here to stay.

Perhaps this could feed into some version of the same application elsewhere? I can share the application if anyone is interested. It is in Swedish, but a machine translation should be legible.