From Competion and Capitalism to Cooperatism

Dear friends,

I would like to update you with my efforts in building a different world.
We have started a project which touches the ground and could be attractive for an open coalition of the common good, like the many projects out there, where each has different nature. One of the aspects is introducing different forms of internal and external reciprocity and a new financial and accounting system based on valueflow. We did not dig the part of alternative currencies deeper yet, cuz our small group does not have the expertise in all fields. Actually it is a tactical project which could turn big. We are entending to build a collaborative Social Enterprise with a focus on the fairtrade of organic and natural products in developing countries. The peculiarity of our efforts is that we “started” building an end-to-end software, where economic activities are mapped as a P2B, B2B, P2P network of value flow processes. The main developers are (maker of NRP and Holo REA) and Our intention is to build an open-source software solution so that many people in many countries will use it one day and connect their economic networks of value flow into a new global economic structure as It should also work as a hybrid post-money framework (value-fairtrade). We work since 2 months without funds but with full commitment. We managed to write this summary out of the many threads and discussions
Open Olive Summery

I think it could gain traction with support of some Edgeryders, I would love to reach out new co-actors and build new links to the project. Especially in Tunisia as olive oil producer it could be interesting as business case to develop the software. @zmorda @Sohayeb
Now we struggling with getting key data for
Compiteror Analysis <> market gab, business ability
Audit Questionnaire <> process design, key data for business plan

It would be great if @nadia or anyone, could have a look into our progress and give some guidance on how to move forward to establish such a social enterprise in Europe with arms into productive countries so that people and earth get closer and wealth is distributed in justice and more important oure resources for value creation are well managed.

PS: If you are not familiar with ValueFlow economics check the video where it all has started by Sensorica


@WaelAura thank you for the updates.
You can check @matthias project
I can see potential avenues for collaboration for both of the projects.
Please check the link and let me know what do you think and how we can move forward , actually Matthias is looking for Community builders for his product.

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Had qick look. Quite interesting.
What I am doing is related to value-fairtrade in regenerative farming with focus on olive oil production as modeling project for the software we are willing to build. That’s I thought it must be interesting for you/Tunesia as well to be from the beginning …

I’ll keep you posted any way.