From individual stories and event topics to discussing effects of populism

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Ahead of online events/ workshops

Which of the following topics is the most relevant to you? If you have more than one topic, you can explain in the next question
Work and employment
Family/Work and life balance
Gender, sexuality, reproductive rights
Health and social care
Housing problems
Sustainability in agriculture or food

Think about the topic(s) you care about. What do you see happening around you that is important for your community’s wellbeing? How is your government helping this, or not?

  • Community management for personalized onboarding
    Community managers will welcome participants and based on their registration they will ask new questions specifically aimed at better understanding the political situation that is impacting their life and or project.
    Community managers should also interview some participants to discuss the topic of the event in depth, and help them post the story.

  • Weekly summaries of the conversation: articulate new questions addressed at the ongoing participants in the conversation.

@x mentions that … In another post, @y believes that … Why is it that these situations happen and how is your government responding to that?

During online events/ workshops

  • Moderators will have a set of questions to the guest speakers and participants to specifically understand the socio-political contexts:

You are talking about a tendency to produce and consume more locally. How do regulations in your country support that? Which obstacles do you see and is anyone trying to overcome them?

Events follow up

  • Community managers synthetize the event documentation and focus specifically on the perception of public policies and political environments who are supportive/ blocking initiatives in the topic of discussion

  • Ethnographers read the documentation and ask additional questions to the community, based on points of relevance


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