From visions geeking to Open Enterprise startup

Hi and salams to all,
this is my first post which i used to comment on @zmorda and @Sohayeb P2P incubator program launch news!
My name is Wael from Jenin, occupied Palestine. I am overwhelmed happy to find this topic from people from our suffering but rich of change-capacities region. I lived in Germany 17 years for study and work, and came back 10 years ago to my hometown as a reflection of feeling responsible for cocreatinge change in how we art up life. After my return I’ve landed in our family business and thought good ideas like OpenSource-EcoVillage will resonate with existing organizations and people but it wasn’t the case. Now, after almost two decades of being an open visionary geek connecting the dots and thinking about how to construct a new collective decentralized self-organizing gateway to life so that we can encounter a system in crises can’t heal it self, Ive asked my self, how to downscale all my concepts, ideas and passion regarding Ecovillages, Global-Palestine beyond boarders and Global Brain Application (you can refer to my Human Lab site and my arabic blog ) into a Business Model? This question lead me to the first steps to establish a vision-based Open Enterprise OE startup called ALBAYDER in Palestinian territories with the following vision: Build regenerative human-earth transformative ecology beyond borders through better form of work and business! ALBAYDER should offer 2 main services; self-organizing P2P good-businesses-incubator and crowdfunding platform to finance these businesses and other local projects at firsthand, where the successful incubated projects will have the chance to be part of ALBAYDER OE. The self-organizing characteristic is applied from the methodology I put together to enable open integral collaboration, which can further developed for deep learning machine to allow peers to progress with minor mentors (MentM, Mentoring-Machine) involvements. Using internet based solutions for connecting people through reality changing business ideas into an Open Enterprise will build a nation beyond boarders, a Global Palestine, a possible leading model for other Arabic countries and new humanity! @zmorda and @Sohayeb and all, as your program further developed than me, It would be great to collaborate to further develop the P2P incubator and find common supporter. If you agree, lets meet online to know each other better and see what best to be done together at the moment for the approach. For now I dont have official cofounder and just joined the Founder Institute startup accelerator branch in Ramallah.
Beside that I’ve started to actively talking to people individually from my town about my project. The next step would be to organize a meeting to present the idea to find contributors on the idea.


ping @Sohayeb @Yosser @zmorda

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