Full list of our projects, clients, funders and partners to date

This wiki is where we create reference list of all significant Edgeryders work, paid and non paid, since we first incorporated in 2013. This includes workshops, community events, publications etc.

Please add the ones you were involved in/ remember to this wiki following this format:

  • Project name. 1 sentence describing the project. Client/Funder (if any existed). More: Url to deliverables, media coverage and or material published by the client

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  • Spot the Future . Scanning the horizon for trends in social innovation in Armenia, Egypt and Georgia. Client: United Nations Development Programme. (More )
  • European Capitals of Culture . Advising candidate cities to the title of European Capitals of Culture, and deploying projects to strengthen their bids. Clients so far: Matera, Italy (winner 2019); Galway, Ireland (winner 2020); and Bucharest, Romania (shortlisted 2021). (More)
  • The unMonastery . A semi-permanent residency for hackers and social innovators, drawing inspiration from early Western monasticism, living in the service of a local community. (More)
  • Catalyst. Testing two software applications for collective intelligence, Assembl and Edgesense. Client: the CATALYST consortium.
  • OpenCare . Finding and assessing initiatives of community provided health and social care. Client: European Commission, DG CNECT. (More )
  • POPREBEL. A digital ethnography of European populism, with special focus on Eastern European countries. Client: European Commission.
  • NGI Forward. A digital ethnography on the societal implications of technical choices in developing the Next Generation Internet. Client: European Commission.
  • MENA Regional Youth Platform . A platform for collaborative livelihood and business development by young people from the Middle East / North African region. Client: World Bank. (More )
  • Design thinking for policy innovation . New methods to design and evaluate innovation in public policy. Client: European Commission Joint Research Council, Innovation Policy Unit (in collaboration with Namahn. (More)
  • Future Makers . Prototyping the city as a wiki. Client: United Nations Development Programme and United Nations Volunteers. (More )
  • Collective intelligence in events . Using documentation and ethnographic techniques to increase the impact of events. Clients: UNESCO, Digital Festival. (More)
  • Trust in Play School for Urban Game Designers
  • 21 Ro Community Platform Platform created for the civic community in Timisoara (https://team2121.ro/)
  • Biennale of Design Ljubljana - integration of the platform as a research tool in the project that was commisioned by the curatorial team for the BIO26

Partners, Clients, Logos

We have worked with (Tags):
Fondazione di communita di Messina

City of Matera,
World Bank,
University of Bordeaux,
City of Milano,
EIT Climate-Kic,
Stockholm School of Economics,
Nesta, City of Amsterdam,
European Commission,
Huset Blivande,
Forum Europe,
City of Galway,
City of Bucharest,
Rockefeller Foundation
Global Utmaning
Counterculture Labs
The Woodbine Collective
Families Of Color Seattle
Belgium Design Council
Belgian Ministry of Foreign Affairs


Fondazione di Comunità Messina




Nordisk Kulturfond: Globus

City of Milano: Transparent BG

University of Bordeaux: Transparent Bg

WeMake: Transparent BG

Scimpulse Foundation: Transparent Bg

Stockholm School of Economics:










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We also have Trust in Play and the project we did with Timisoara community

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