Full Members dinner (22/06)

Hello @reef-full,

We have a Full Members dinner scheduled this Thursday.

Other than making it a GA to discuss membership applications, we don’t really have any agenda points, but we can of course create an agenda together, beforehand or on the spot.

One idea would be to do a couple of rounds looking back on the past year: how are we doing, what have we learned, what do we appreciate in one another, etc … Any ideas welcome!

On the practical front: you are very welcome at my place, but if somebody else would like to host (the weather is not looking great for the moment) please don’t hesitate!


The way I see it, we are now kicking in wth the new buddy system.

  • Buddies talk to “their” newlings.
  • Report back.
  • Ask for feedback and experiences.
  • Keep track of the group’s experiences, anxieties and enthusiasms about each newling, so that not-so-OK behaviour is caught early and discussed with the newling in question well before they apply for full membership. This way people can correct their behavior, or disengage early.

This is to avoid awful experiences like the full members meeting early this year. To do it, we need periodic check-ins among full members, and we will do one at each one of these dinners. Including this one.


Happy to host at ours. Like that we would also solve an issue with putting Ada to sleep at 9pm. Rue Blaes 35


I’ll bring strawberries and a pineapple.