Full Members meetings

Hello @reef-full,

Given that the Full Members meetings now play a crucial role in our new onboarding system, Team Recruitment & Onboarding proposes to organise them on average every 6 weeks.

To make planning easier, we would like to propose to set the dates in advance, say, as follows:

  • Monday 07/08
  • Tuesday 12/09
  • Wednesay 18/10
  • Sunday 10/12

=> These dates are chosen such that they alternate between even and odd weeks (for people in a divorce scheme with children), and also on a different day of the week of the plenary in that month, plus balancing week and weekend days.

I propose that we check how many people can make it a bit before the meeting, and if there are not enough people, then we can organise the meeting online.

Let’s see how this works and then adjust the system if needed?


Can I add that although Team Recruitment and Onboarding will organise the dates and the agenda, it would be nice if we all share the responsibility for hosting the dinner and putting on a meal. And perhaps couples can do it twice in a cycle to make it fair.

So as Ugne/Manuel hosted the last one, and Lie and Sophie the ones before that, Sarah and I can do the next one :slight_smile: But we’ll be away for three weeks from 29 July, so I propose moving that first date forward a bit. Which means one evening between 25 and 27 July…

@Lee - does that work for you, to adjust the schedule a bit? If not, perhaps we can do an online one on 7/8…

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For me personally around the 25th would be a bit too early (it moves the date by 2 weeks), so I would prefer to do the one in August online. I’m very happy to let that go though, so whatever you choose is good for me.


All dates seem fine, except for early August. We will be somewhere in France on holidays, so will try to join online, if possible.

Same for us!

All good :slight_smile: So 7/8 online looks to be the way forward…


Ping @Sebas @Aline_Jeandenans and @mieke: these are the remaining dates from the post above. They are on Nextcloud, but I figured it would be good to flag it, so you can pencil them into your agenda.


As 10/12 Aline’s birthday, probably we will not join.