I realised that there was so much information that many of us risked missing a great session because we didn’t see it in time. As well as the instructions for how to make the most of our time together.

So here is a booklet with everything you need to know about #lote5.

Download it here  before you come, or at the reception desk (we’ll have a number of USB keys).

Safe travels and see you all soon!

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Community member’s bio


After having read the program, I just noticed that I didn’t post a bio about me. Here it is. Let me know whether it is still possible to update the document or not. And if the size is ok.

Thanks in advance for your reply.

Philippe Drouillon

Entrepreneur, consultant, coach and trainer, Philippe combines – through his company Metamorphosis - professional activities with his passion for sustainability in the broad sense. He is indeed convinced that a team, an organization, a territory will pave the way towards sustainability if it is complemented with sustainable and inclusive decision-making processes and ways of working.

Therefore sustainable business models, approaches focused on collective intelligence and group dynamics, collaborative and agile ways of working, disruptive and continuous innovation, “fair” organizational changes and transformations, innovative learning processes are his main and preferred intervention domains either as consultant for individuals, teams, businesses and organizations or in the design and implementation of learning modules or also in the setup of events aiming at co-creating and co-building solutions and/or prototypes (eg : hackathons, startup week-ends, art of hosting events).

Philippe collaborates as well with large corporations, SMEs and not for profit organizations. He’s also a part-time teacher at the ICHEC Formation Continue school within executive Masters in 3 areas : Sustainable business models, global performance of organizations and scenario thinking.

As co-op addict, he also takes an active part to several co-op projects in sustainable energy Performance solutions, sustainable farming and fulfilling workplaces

Too late

Please make sure your personal profile information is up to date as that is where we source the information. What we can try to do is make a last minute attachment to the doc but it will have to wait till we have a little time. No promises though, ok?


Love it! xx