FUNDING CALL: Minderoo Oxford Fund in AI Governance

@katejsim, we could consider applying for this with Edgeryders as the partner org – we are too late for February, but the May funding call could be good!

It’s with Future Says, which is Gina Neff, Sarah Roberts and Safiya Noble’s (and Nayana’s) org:

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You got any proposal ideas? Just brainstorming a few that I’ve been thinking about. Just thinking out loud here:

One project would be extending our FAccT workshop to develop research ethics curriculum for the students in university-to-industry AI pipeline.

Relatedly, an organizing toolkit for STEM students who want to campaign for an ethics-oriented departmental change. Essentially, drawing from our EDI work to create a toolkit specific for STEM fields.

A reporting technology that actually allows multiple users to piece together harassment timeline at a workplace in a secure way. This is probably a long term project and we’ll need a cross-cutting team.


All three of these are great. 1 and 2 require us to do a lot less work (because built on existing resources) but 3 is super impactful in a way that would be very cool. And I have a CS friend who loves working on projects like that.